Baby girl “narrowly escaped drowning” thanks to smart dog!

The dog’s loyalty surprised and admired many people

The incident happened on August 3, when the loyal dog Matyas was watching over the owner’s granddaughter on the beach near the village of Gouville-sur-Mer, northwest France.

Thinking that the girl was about to be swept away by the ocean waves, the dog Matyas in France quickly grabbed her shirt and pulled her to shore.

According to The Sun, when Matyas saw the little girl, about 6 or 7 years old, being hit by a small wave, he feared she would drown so he gently grabbed her T-shirt with his teeth and pulled it to shore. The animal only releases when it thinks the baby is out of danger. Faced with this action of Matyas, the girl laughed loudly with joy.

The short video is currently widely shared on social networks and has attracted more than 1 million views. Most people praise Matyas for his quick and adorable reactions.

“It’s great to have such a smart, quick-witted dog by your side. He watches over her better than many adults,” one member commented.

“It’s on duty to protect the little girl. What a good dog,” another person wrote.

The dog’s intelligence makes many people admire. Do you want your family to also have a friend like that? Please leave a comment below the article.

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