Look at how he brought his boss to work over the past 10 years!

For Ma Nao, a 59-year-old shoe repairman, paralyzed in both legs in Henan (China), the dog he raised is not only a loyal friend and emotional support but also helps him overcome difficulties. .

The dog has been with him since he was little, and now for 8 years he has relied on it for joy and motivation in life. This repairman worked while the dog slept soundly next to him. It feels so peaceful.

Although his poor boss did not give him a happy life, his loyalty made him happy every day. The sleeping area doesn’t need blankets or mattresses but is very comfortable.

To the boss, he is not just a dog, he is also the closest friend in this life.

Having each other on every journey. Loneliness does not exist in these two friends because love and loyalty warm everything.

A dog’s loyalty makes many people touched and admired. In life, such rare friendships are truly precious. Please spread this warmth to everyone.

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